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On-Premise Catering

Party Information

For groups of 20 and larger dining in our restaurants, we ask that you select from a limited set menu to assist the kitchen and service staff in ensuring everyone receives their entrées at the correct temperature and can eat together. It also enables easier check out at the end of the party, especially for those parties needing individual checks.

Please note that these menus do not include beverages; those will be ordered a la carte or from a limited menu you pre-select, if desired. Soft drinks (including iced tea) and coffee are $2.99 per glass/cup, with unlimited refills. Hot tea, espresso, and cappuccino run $3.25-4.25.

There are 80+ selections of wine, ranging from $24/bottle to $500, with the majority in the $27-55 range. Seventeen of them are also offered by the glass, from $7-10. If you'd like to provide a target price for wines, I'll ask our Sommelier for his recommendations to complement your selected menu. He usually suggests ordering
two whites and two reds by the bottle. We do not charge for unopened bottles, and any open bottles are yours to take with you.

We have a number of beer selections, with over a dozen bottled ($4 domestic; $4.75 imports and premium domestic), and depending on the location, three or four on tap ($7/pint glass).

We offer ten specialty cocktails for $10/glass; a full bar is available, with well/rail drinks at $6 each.

A service charge of 20 percent will be added to your check(s). A minimum spend amount may apply, depending on the date, time, and location of your party. Pricing and availability are subject to change until a signed contract and deposit are received.

A note about outside food (e.g., birthday cakes): Virginia Health Department regulations prevent us from serving food that is not prepared in a facility with a health permit. Homemade cakes can be brought in and presented to the party, but we cannot allow it to be sliced, served, or eaten on premises. Commercially- prepared cakes can be served for a $2 per person plating fee. Please provide a copy of the cake receipt.

$26.75 Per Person

$31.50 Per Person

$36.75 Per Person

$42.00 Per Person

47.25 Per Person

$52.50 Per Person